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Steve and Elena 03 July 2016

Let me say many thanks to best-couple.com and tell my little story of how I found my love! I have registered at Best Couple about a year ago. First I was not trying to find love, but maybe a good friend or so. But you never know what can happen. I liked one girl Elena very much, her appearance, her hobbies, her way of talking to me, everything about her was exactly as I imagined in my dreams...We started to communicate and chat as we liked each other's profiles too much, we have many common feat...

Alfredo and Svetlana 22 June 2016

Hi there! I want to share my story about meeting my darling Svetlana here! About nearly a year ago I was registered at Russian and Ukrainian Brides. I am busy person and almost have no time to go out often, so for me it’s easier to get acquainted that way. I had some type of woman I like and after seeing many girls I noticed Svetlana! She is gorgeous, beautiful, very sincere and positive girl. I had a feeling that she can be a woman I have been looking for. It was interesting to communicate wi...

Florien and Tatyana 02 June 2016

Hello! I feel so happy and I like to tell you my story! Here at Russian and Ukrainian Brides, I have met my girlfriend Tatyana! Our communication and relations began on this site and after half year of our communication I offered her to meet. I met her in her city and we spent few amazing days together, we have a lot of fun, Tatyana very witty, optimistic and easy-going girl. I am very glad that I met her! At last it happened! Many thanks to Russian and Ukrainian Brides site!!! This site gave us...

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I’m afraid I will get married soon. To tell the truth I am surprised that I started thinking about it just after 5 months we’ve been together with my girlfriend. She has moved to Hannover from Kiev and we have had wonderful time. Unfortunately her visa doesn’t allow her to stay here permanently. But I am sure we will be together despite all the obstacles. I love you my kitten, my Olesya!
Thomas H., Germany
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